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We Can Finance First-Time Car Buyers and Graduating Students - Come See Us! 2018-06-15

It can be tough to navigate through adulthood without credit. It seems that everything requires a good credit history; apartment leases, decent phone plans, large purchases. You may wonder, how is somebody supposed to build their credit history, if they cannot obtain credit in the first place? This is a dilemma faced by many young adults as they start to make their way through the world. First-time car buyers, graduating students, or recent immigrants all struggle with this issue.

Buying and leasing: We answer your questions! 2018-05-15

When shopping for a new car, the choices are infinite. After spending so much time narrowing things down and selecting the perfect vehicle, now you are faced with yet another decision. Buy or lease? Both options offer an assortment of benefits but which is the better choice for you?

What's a Better Option for Financing? Banks, or a Certified Used Dealership? 2018-04-26

Purchasing a vehicle can often be a stressful experience. We spend a lot of time finding the right vehicle, worrying about overpaying, or in the case of a used vehicle, getting a lemon. Once all of that is worked out, now there's the stress of applying for financing.

Second and Third Chance Credit: Everyone Deserves Another Chance! 2018-03-26

Do you need a vehicle, but have trouble getting financing? Comox Valley Toyota Loans can help to put you behind the wheel of a quality used Toyota car, truck or SUV and get you financing at the same time.

Quality Used Toyotas, Matched With Easy Financing! 2018-02-20

Is it time for you to get a new-to-you vehicle? Perhaps your first car? Comox Valley Toyota should be your first stop. With the best selection of used Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs in Courtenay and the entire Vancouver Island, there is no reason to go anywhere else. You'll have access to an impressive selection of pre-owned Toyotas, offered at a fraction of their original price. We will put you behind the wheel of a quality used Toyota, and even help you with financing it. Comox Valley Toyota Loans will get you the used vehicle financing you need, without any hassles.

Our Unbeatable Selection of Affordable Used Toyotas! 2018-01-12

Looking for a used vehicle? Comox Valley Toyota has a huge selection of pre-owned vehicles available, all at very affordable prices. Our family-owned business has been the top source of used Toyotas on Vancouver Island for the past three decades.

We Can Help You Restore Your Credit! 2017-12-11

Are you shopping for a vehicle, but the idea of applying for financing makes you queasy? We understand, because applying for financing can sometimes be uncomfortable. That's why at Comox Valley Toyota Loans we make sure to provide a hassle-free and confidential experience that can help you restore your credit.

Second Chance Credit – No Worries, No Hassles! 2017-11-14

At Comox Valley Auto Loans, we believe in helping people with good credit, no credit or bad credit attain their objective of getting approved for a car loan...

Credit Approval opens Door to a Great Car! 2017-10-10

The name to remember for easy financing in Courtenay? It’s simple: Comox Valley Auto Loans! And just as surely, getting credit approval from...

I Want a Different Vehicle 2016-03-21

In our experience, we have often seen clients wanting a different vehicle than the vehicle they have been approved for on their auto loan. Why does this...

The Benefits of a Bank Loan 2016-03-21

We often get asked why a bank loan is beneficial for the client, so here are some of the bank benefits...