What's a Better Option for Financing? Banks, or a Certified Used Dealership?


Purchasing a vehicle can often be a stressful experience. We spend a lot of time finding the right vehicle, worrying about overpaying, or in the case of a used vehicle, getting a lemon. Once all of that is worked out, now there's the stress of applying for financing.

Applying for vehicle financing at the bank can be not only stressful, but intimidating. If your credit history isn't perfect, you may worry about being turned down; which can be embarrassing too. Regardless of the relationship you have with your bank, it's all about the numbers and credit score, without any room for flexibility or special circumstances.

At Comox Valley Toyota Loans in Courtenay, you can easily eliminate all of the hassle and enjoy a stress-free experience. You'll find a wide selection of Certified Used Toyota vehicles to choose from; no lemons here! You'll also have the opportunity to work with one of our fantastic credit advisors who will walk you through the vehicle financing process, and find a solution that works for you.

Toyota Certified Used vehicles undergo a stringent testing process, including a 160-point inspection followed by extensive reconditioning; both mechanical and aesthetically. The vehicle will then be backed by an iron-clad guaranteed of reliability, durability and performance. You'll never have to worry about your new-to-you vehicle being a lemon. A Certified Used Toyota will be backed by a great warranty that will be honoured at 1,500 locations, a 7-day exchange policy and roadside assistance. You'll also get your first oil and filter change free along with a CarProof vehicle history report. You also might qualify for special financing deals.

Once you've chosen a vehicle, a Comox Valley Toyota Loans financial advisor will work with you throughout the financing process. They will obtain your credit report, and then explain all of the options available to you. You may qualify for traditional vehicle financing at the best interest rate and terms. If your credit score is affected by past financial difficulties, you may be eligible for second chance credit. This is a great program that will give you access to the vehicle financing you need, and help you to rebuild your credit record at the same time. For those who need their credit restored, there is even the option of third chance credit. This will put you behind the wheel of a quality Toyota vehicle right away. Once you establish a regular track record of on-time payments and your financial situation improves, you'll be able to modify the terms of your agreement.

Unlike the banks, Comox Valley Toyota loans is a smart solution for Certified Used Toyota vehicles and for financing, regardless of your financial situation. You'll enjoy a stress-free experience from beginning to end; working with professionals who are resourceful and will secure the right financing for you. Select a quality vehicle, obtain a personalized financing solution that works for your situation, and drive off, worry-free.